W1AEX Index Page


W1AEX and the Giant Cactus

Studio A and B Station Pictures

The IMD Hall of Infamy

The W1AEX YouTube Page

SDR Adventures with my Apache Labs ANAN

My RFI Adventures with LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

Setup Guide for the OpenHPSDR mRX PS CFC Audio Tools

Basic TX Audio Gain Settings in OpenHPSDR mRX PS

OpenHPSDR mRX PS - Preset CFC Transmit Profiles

Custom Skins for Thetis and OpenHPSDR mRX PS

Ameritron ALS-600 Quirks

Fichten Field Day - FiFi SDR

Genesis Software for FiFi SDR

Custom Skins for Genesis SDR

Kenwood TS-590S TX Audio

Yaesu MH-59A8J Modification

Homemade Open Wire Feedline

Free Custom Skins for the Flex Version of PowerSDR

Setting TX Audio Gain in the Flex Version of PowerSDR

AM Transmit Checks Using the Flex Version of PowerSDR

FT897(D) Idling Current Adjustment

Yaesu FT8900 MH-48A6J Modification

IC-756 Pro III Audio and the AM Mode

Resurrecting the E.F. Johnson Viking III

Easy to Build Broadband Receive Loop

AL-80B Eliminating the Dynamic Bias

Tactics for Resolving Power-line Noise

  '99 Jeep Mystery Ignition Noise Problem

  The Cheap Station Microphone Project

My VHF-UHF Jeep Mobile Installation

Some Simple Strategies for Phone RFI

My Quad Core Fire Breather Project

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